Cub Camps

Posted on February 17, 2018 by Sharon Gibbons

Camp 1 – Group 50th – Watson Scoup Centre – April 13th – 15th – Indoor sleeping – £40 – Booking has closed. Camp 2 – District camp – Moor House – May 12th – 13th – overnight outdoor in tents – approximately £20 […]

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What is Cub Scouting?

Cub Scouts are the second of the five sections in scouting.

Cub Scouts were once called Wolf Cubs The Wolf Cubs Section began in 1916.

Cub Scout Leaders are sometimes called Akela after the wolf pack leader in Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

Cub Scouts will spend time together in a team called a Six. An older Cub Scout, called a Sixer, leads each Six. A Sixer is a bit like a team captain.


How do I become a Cub Scout?

Speak to the Cub leader leading up to your 8th birthday or move on from Beavers.

Once the young person has attended or visiting from beavers for about four or five weeks, you will be advised to buy a uniform, once you have a uniform then you can be invested as cub scouts.


What is involved in being invested?

The investiture is a special ceremony where you officially become a Cub Scout. You will be asked if you wish to join the Cub Scouts and make a promise. After you have made you promise in front of your fellow Cub Scouts and family members, you will be given a World Membership Badge.


The Cub Scout Promise The Cub Scout Law The Cub Scout Motto
I promise to do my best,
To do my duty to god
And the queen, to help other people
And to keep the Cub Scout Law.
Cub Scouts always do their best think of others before themselves and do a good turn every day. Be Prepared


Cub Scout Badges

As with Beavers the Cubs can earn badges however they are a little more involved and take longer to complete. There are 7 challenge badges and 36 activity badges. Cubs can also go on to earn the Chief Scouts silver award.



For further information on the badges Cubs can earn please ask a leader or look at


Cub Leader

Sharon has been with the Group for over ten years and started with us working with the Beaver section for the first five years, before moving on to the Cub section where she is the Cub Leader. Sharon's previous experience came in the Guide movement, where she was a Brownie, Guide and Young Leader with the Brownies. We try not to hold this against her! As well as her work at 4th, Sharon also supports the training of new leaders in the District.


Assistant Cub Leader

Laura found us via our website and got in touch with an offer to help "a bit". Laura is now fully integrated into the team and supports Sharon in the running of Cubs. Laura has just celebrated 5 years as a Leader in scouting


Section Assistant

Heather supports Sharon in the running of Cubs. As with most Parent Helpers we "captured" Heather during a family camp and we have not let her go! We are really grateful for all the help and support she gives.